• Indonesian Journal of Learning and Educational Studies

    Indonesian Journal of Learning and Educational Studies (IJLES) is a multi-disciplinary, peer-refereed, and academic journal creating a forum for the publication of critical research on learning and education studies. This journal is published by Piramida Akademi with the online ISSN 3021-8780. The journal provides a platform for the publication of the most advanced scientific research in the areas of Learning Methods, Technology in Learning, Curriculum and Development of Learning Materials, Measurement and Evaluation of Learning, Online and Distance Learning, Innovation in Learning, Teacher Professional Development, Continuing Education, educational thinking, educational philosophy, and Character Education. This journal is published two times a year (May and November). 

    IJLES aims to provide a platform to examine and discuss issues in learning, teaching, and educational studies in general including those from developing countries. This journal aims to promote ongoing dialogue and discourse on important topics and provide insight into the learning needs of individuals, groups, and society by publishing articles that explore various aspects of the field, including empirical research, innovative techniques, and professional issues. This includes research from developing countries, which may offer unique perspectives and approaches to learning and educational studies and help advance the field globally.

    IJLES invites submissions of articles that explore various aspects of the field, including:

    • Empirical research that is of relevance to learning and educational studies.
    • Innovative learning, programs, and practices in the field
    • Current scientific issues and research in learning and educational studies
    • Professional issues and commentary on current trends and developments
    • Summaries and critical evaluations of existing research and practices
    • Studies that provide insight into the learning needs of individuals, groups, and society.
    Journal title Indonesian Journal of Learning and Educational Studies
    Frequency 2 issues per year (May and November)
    Online ISSN 3021-8780
    DOI Prefix : -
    Editor-in-chief Trio Ardhian
    Publisher CV. Piramida Akademi
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  • Buletin Pengabdian Multidisiplin

    Journal Title Buletin Pengabdian Multidisiplin
    ISSN 3025-356X  registered in the ISSN International Centre
    DOI Prefix Prefix 10.30738 Crossref
    Editor in Chief Elyas Djufri
    Manager Editor Mustaqim
    Publisher Piramida Akademi
    Frequency Two issues per year (Mei & November)
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    Buletin Pengabdian Multidisiplin (Budimul) is a multidisciplinary peer-review journal that published by Piramida Akademi. Budimul pays attention to and publishes articles related to the practice and process of community service, involvement, and empowerment. Each published article is expected to provide insight and inspire activities elsewhere on related issues. This journal is published two times a year (Mei and November). Budimul welcomes articles that contribute to the field in the following ways: (1) Developing a community empowerment model; (2) Increase the capacity of community service; (3)Solutions based on academic studies of needs, challenges or problems faced by the community, either directly or indirectly; (4) Activities that are able to empower people at all strata, economically, politically, socially and culturally; and (5) Transfer of technology, science and art to the community for the development of human dignity with gender justice and social inclusion and the preservation of natural resources.


  • LITERAL: Disability Studies Journal

    LITERAL: Disability Studies Journal publishes peer-reviewed original articles in the field of disability studies that aim to encourage an inclusive society. The scope of this journal includes various efforts in developing potential and improving the quality of services for disabilities which consist of Special and Inclusive Education, Psychological treatment for the disability, Guidance and Counseling for Children with Special Needs, Empowerment of families with disabilities, Vocational education and the world of work with disabilities, Accessibility, Collaboration of educational institutions - families - communities, Assistive Technology

    This journal is published by PIRAMIDA AKADEMI The journal is free and published in online versions twice a year (April & October). The online version is free to access and download. 

    The following links are important for authors:

    Contact the editor via  +62 81393275959 for more information.

  • Prospektif: Jurnal Akuntansi, Manajemen, dan Bisnis

    Prospektif: Jurnal Akuntansi, Manajemen, dan Bisnis is a journal through a peer-review process for academics and researchers to publish their articles which is an original text that has not been published in another journal. The focus and scope are in the fields of accounting, management, and business. This journal is published periodically two times a year (Januari & June) by  Piramida Akademi.

    Prospektif: Jurnal Akuntansi, Manajemen, dan Bisnis is intended to be the journal for publishing various research article on accounting, management, and business. The submitted articles can be written in Indonesian or English.

  • Journal of Education Policy and Management Studies

    Journal of Education Policy and Management Studies (JEPAMS) is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal published by Piramida Akademi. JEPAMS publishes research papers, literature reviews, theoretical works, and research reports on all aspects that focus on the study of education policy and management. The Journal is published twice yearly (June and December). All manuscripts submitted to JEPAMS are rigorously evaluated via a double-blind peer review process. The manuscripts should be original, unpublished, and not in consideration for publication elsewhere at the time of submission.

    The JEPAMS main objective is to provide an Open Access scientific platform that publishes quality manuscripts and contributes to international collaboration in the area of educational policy and management research.  

    The scope of the journal covers the following topics, but is not limited to Educational management and governance, Policy-making process in education, Implementation and impact of educational policies, Educational and instructional leadership, Educational systems and school organization, Research theory, design, methods and evaluation in educational policy and management, Economy and financial management in education, School effectiveness and school improvement, Strategic planning in education, Entrepreneurship in education, Gender, race and social issues in educational policy and management, Political ideologies and educational systems, Professional organizations for teachers and educational staff, Educational policies and social change.