Focus And Scope

Buletin Pengabdian Multidisiplin (Budimul) is a multidisciplinary peer-review journal that publishes articles on community service activities. Budimul pays attention to and publishes articles related to the practice and process of community service, involvement, and empowerment. Each published article is expected to provide insight and inspire activities elsewhere on related issues. BUDIMUL welcomes articles that contribute to the field in the following ways:

  • Developing a community empowerment model;
  • Increase the capacity of community service;
  • Solutions based on academic studies of needs, challenges or problems faced by the community, either directly or indirectly;
  • Activities that are able to empower people at all strata, economically, politically, socially and culturally; And
  • Transfer of technology, science, and art to the community for the development of human dignity with gender justice and social inclusion and the preservation of natural resources.