Aims And Scope

The Journal of Social, Cultural, and Religious Studies (JSCRS) aims to serve as a premier platform for interdisciplinary research that deepens our understanding of complex dynamics within societies. Focused on social, cultural, and religious aspects, JSCRS encourages researchers to explore the diversity of values, traditions, and worldviews influencing human interactions. Through in-depth articles, the journal fosters critical and analytical discussions that broaden our thinking on contemporary issues. Thus, JSCRS is committed not only to being an internationally recognized publication outlet but also to being a source of inspiration for a better understanding of societies, cultures, and religions worldwide.

Key Focus Areas Include, but are not limited to:

  1. Social Dynamics: Examining societal structures, social movements, identity formation, social stratification, power dynamics, and social justice issues within various communities and societies.

  2. Cultural Studies: Exploring cultural phenomena, practices, expressions, and their implications on societies, intercultural interactions, globalization, media, arts, and literature.

  3. Religious Inquiry: Investigating religious beliefs, rituals, ethics, spirituality, religious pluralism, and the role of religion in shaping individual and collective identities, social behaviors, and cultural practices.

  4. Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Encouraging interdisciplinary approaches that merge social, cultural, and religious studies with fields such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, and theology.

  5. Contemporary Debates: Addressing contemporary issues, challenges, and debates concerning social, cultural, and religious dynamics, including but not limited to gender, migration, technology, environment, and politics.