Journal title Journal of Social, Cultural, and Religious Studies
Frequency 2 issues per year (June dan December)
Online ISSN On Process
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Editor-in-chief Adika Alvianto
Publisher Piramida Akademi
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The Journal of Social, Cultural, and Religious Studies (JSCRS) stands as a vibrant hub for scholarly exploration and rigorous examination at the crossroads of social, cultural, and religious dimensions. This esteemed publication serves as a beacon for academics, researchers, and practitioners delving into the multifaceted realms of societal structures, cultural expressions, and religious practices.

JSCRS delves into the intricate tapestry of human existence, dissecting societal mechanisms, cultural intricacies, and the diverse tapestry of religious beliefs that shape our global landscape. Through a prism of multidisciplinary perspectives, the journal illuminates the interconnectedness between these spheres, unraveling their influences on individual behaviors, collective identities, and the broader societal fabric.

JSCRS welcomes scholarly contributions that traverse diverse methodologies, theoretical frameworks, and empirical studies, thereby nurturing a space where innovative ideas and groundbreaking research converge. With a steadfast dedication to excellence, JSCRS rigorously evaluates submissions, ensuring academic rigor, originality, and scholarly significance. Through a meticulous peer-review process, the journal upholds its commitment to intellectual integrity, enriching scholarly conversations and advancing the frontiers of social, cultural, and religious studies.